i8-10 Robert Rich: Live at the Gatherings 2015 2CD

All music contained herein was realized live in concert by Robert Rich on 11 April 2015 as part of The Gatherings Concert Series at St. Mary’s Hamilton Village in Philadelphia, PA.

This double CD features the complete concert, its sequence and encore (without any performance edits or overdubs), and has been split at an appropriate point so as to fit its content onto two discs.

“Robert Rich is about more than just exhibiting himself on the stage. His many concert appearances are understood as substantial, yet ephemeral experiences in sound. Among the most notable are Rich’s numerous appearances in Philadelphia as part of The Gatherings Concert Series. This is a safe place for innovative musicians to explore creativity, and discover what lies inside – the listener and player alike. We now have a permanent treasure to add to the memory of one such concert. The double CD Live at The Gatherings 2015 presents Robert Rich’s 11 April 2015 performance, an album that will touch your mind, and may even invade your dreams. While Rich focuses on the brainy, metaphysical aspects of his live work, he is always solidly attentive to the more practical issues. Through contour, pacing and tone, he makes buying admission to one of his live events a ticket to a foreign land. In coolly assured advances, forthright flute solos ascend through reverberant chambers, then brood over their own worth. Thrusting percussive rhythms rumble beneath swooning steel guitar solos. Snapping with a seductive skill, drums invigorate the mood, but we find the foreground is commanded by a writhing fuzz lead line – moaning through electrical circuits. Remote synth strings project both fragility and flashes of brilliance. Further down below we encounter tectonically imagined realms of biomorphic abstractions meant to beckon and boggle. Here Rich seems to reach into silence – bringing back something which may glow warmly, or just as easily, feel cold and damp. A mist to the brittle spirit, Robert Rich in concert is an event which celebrates the complexity of the human mind. The transit between quiet cerebral musings and propulsive visceral thrills seems to generate this album’s own energy. Like Rich himself, and the music he realizes live, Live at The Gatherings 2015 is authentic. It both belongs to our era, and transcends it. We are the meaning-seeking animals, and Rich, at some great height, is constantly searching within himself for something deeper to express. Passion… is it the friction between the world and the soul? If so, then Robert Rich’s concert space is about passion, as well as pleasure. It also acts as an outlet for intellect – and a bit of musical virtuosity. So, while each audience member is entitled to their own personal interpretations, the common connection here is the ability of this experience to connected us to that which is humane, gentle and life-giving – a function which we see slowly receding from the modern life.”

– Chuck van Zyl/STAR’S END

Limited edition of 300 copies.

i8-09 Chuck Van Zyl: Celestial Mechanics CD

Celestial Mechanics’ origin extends back to the era of tape. The 1980s found Chuck van Zyl recording spacemusic and releasing it on audio cassette. Synkronos Music put out a trove of releases, including The Moment of Totality (1990) and Callisto (1989). Each cassette held two side-long pieces of music, and established a series of releases by van Zyl representing his enthusiasm for astronomy and the cosmos. Released on CD in 1993 by Scotland’s Centaur Discs Ltd, that original CD has been out of print for years. But thanks to the Philadelphia-based industry8 label, Celestial Mechanics is back with us, re-issued, re-mastered and treated to modern audio enhancements, and a much improved fidelity. Housed in a limited edition, four panel digipak, and adorned with vivid NASA probe images, it offers the opportunity to encounter the significant backstory to one of our community’s most unique members.


The outward appearance of Celestial Mechanics is that of a CD album, but its true origin extends back to the era of tape. The 1980s found Chuck van Zyl (and his many compatriots) recording Spacemusic and releasing it on audio cassette. During this span, Synkronos Music put out a trove of cassette releases, including The Moment of Totality (1990) and Callisto (1989) by Chuck van Zyl. Each held two side-long pieces of music, and established a series of releases by van Zyl representing his enthusiasm for Astronomy and the Cosmos.

So Celestial Mechanics may be viewed as compiling these early works onto a CD, and getting them out before the public… and that is exactly what Centaur Discs Ltd of Scotland did in 1993 – thus presenting Chuck van Zyl to the world beyond his small mail order following.

That original CD edition has been out of print for some time now. But thanks to the Philadelphia based industry8 label, Celestial Mechanics is back with us, re-issued, re-mastered and treated to modern audio enhancements, and a much improved fidelity. Housed in a limited edition, four panel digipak, and adorned with vivid NASA probe images, it offers those interested listeners and collectors the opportunity to encounter the significant backstory to one of our community’s most unique members.

Inspired by space, the physical universe, and all of its intricacies, as well as by classic Kosmische Musik works from out of the 1970s Berlin-School, van Zyl realized the four pieces found on Celestial Mechanics as personal electronic odes – to the four Galilean moons of Jupiter, and the astral motions of the solar system.

Clearly influenced by Crystal Lake and Rubycon, as well as by the direct mentoring of The Nightcrawlers (the NJ Space trio with which he was so closely associated), the release of these cassettes found van Zyl himself finally making music that, not only properly portrayed his cosmic yearning, but was representative of the restless, creative spirit which inhabits him to this day.

As we listen to Celestial Mechanics, we can feel this world of discovery still living on. The repeating music box sequencer intro of the title track immediately turns our thoughts to the virtues of The Universe as a place of possibility and wonder. Sounds build out, and additional lines of rhythm are introduced. A magic machine pulse provides a distinctive energy, one more of the mind than of the air. Confirming synth lines surface – reassuring the lost, and arousing the adventurous – with dramatic chord changes helping us ascend further still. As we pass through eerie amorphous interludes of drones, metallic tones, and wondrously modulated aural accents, the mounting tension resolves.

The emergence of an ever repeating pattern of echoing bass notes supports the lilting melody of a soft synthesizer lead. Minimalist sequencer runs motor on, then gradually brighten. Individual notes are transposed and repeated, minutely altering the pattern and quickening the music’s pulse. After a few variations in momentum, the music slows, and expends its previously built mass in thoughtful repose. Transitioning out of this energetic phase, the magical beauty of its closing section solemnly brings Celestial Mechanics to its conclusion.

While Celestial Mechanics includes all of the texture and atmosphere the Spacemusic genre is known for, its biggest success is in its entertainment of a most unusual idea… of traveling while being still. New musical territory can only be discovered once… and Chuck van Zyl has built profoundly on all of his finds, using them as reference points – in a field that is inexhaustible.

Limited 1st pressing of 100 signed and hand-numbered copies.

i8-08 Chuck Van Zyl: The Xyl File CD


Originally released as an audio cassette in 1991, The Xyl File compiled four pieces from the first two tape offerings by Chuck van Zyl. In fact, released under the name Xyl, Low Glide (10:10), Nuclear Winter (14:24), The Theory Changes the Reality It Describes (23:07) and Runway (14:29) were among the very first electronic realizations produced by the noted Electronic Musician Chuck van Zyl. Twenty five years on, we find these works (originally from as far back as 1985) to be surprisingly well-conceived and executed for an artist just at the outset of a life-long journey into space and sound.

Re-issued on CD in 2016 (with two fellow tracks from the same prior period) by the Philadelphia based independent label Industry8, The Xyl File (73:32) presents an impressive range of textures, atmospheres, moods and energy levels. From desolate soundscapes of metallic drones and chilled fallout chimes, and darkening fields of sustaining sci-fi zones, to cruise missile sequencer cascades, and the echoing rush of warped-out mechanized tone patterns, each of these re-mastered and re-vitalized tracks imaginatively explore all the dark, light, loud and quiet realms available to the learned synthesist. What sets this music apart from that of its contemporaries is an enthusiasm, optimism and ambition found only in the beginner.

Exposed to an astounding depth and range of music while producing the WXPN radio programs DIASPAR and STAR’S END (1980-onward), Chuck van Zyl became most deeply moved by album discoveries out of the Berlin-School of EM. Obvious titles by Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream and Michael Hoenig such as Mirage, Rubycon and Departure From the Northern Wasteland certainly influenced the works found on The Xyl File; as did their near relatives Oxygene by Jean-Michel Jarre, Iceland by Richard Pinhas, and even the much more avant-ambient Sonic Seasonings by Wendy Carlos and Hearing Solar Winds by David Hykes and the Harmonic Choir. But perhaps of even greater significance was the encouragement and friendship of The Nightcrawlers, the local trio of Spacemusicians who fostered and sustained Philadelphia’s innovative music scene throughout the decade of the 1980s – and whose care, oversight and attachment van Zyl so benefited from.

The Xyl File is not only a document of Chuck van Zyl’s first principles, it is also a finely crafted journey through turbulent forces – those of sound, and of the intellect. These six 25+ year old compositions are evidence that the only limit there is on the future are the doubts of today. The act of making this music, of trusting in the future, finds Chuck van Zyl declaring and defining himself – in this music full of passionate intensity, meaningful stillness, and the humanity that lies in-between.

Limited edition CD (not a CDR) of 100 signed and numbered copies. Packaged in a 4-panel digipak.

Released November 12th, 2016.

Track Listing:
1. Low Glide 10:10
2. The Theory Changes The Reality It Describes 23:07
3. Nuclear Winter 14:25
4. Runway 14:29
5. Faston 5:18
6. Testament of Youth 6:03

i8-07 Worms of the Earth “Sitra Achra” CD


Industry8 and Worms Of The Earth present Sitra Achra, their second release together. With this release Worms Of The Earth have challenged themselves to expand their sound . Worms Of The Earth design their soundscapes around deep tones, vocal samples of sacred and profane origins, and dense atmospheric drones. The overall effect is a contemplative atmosphere with a palpable feeling of tension. On Sitra Achra, Worms Of The Earth expand their sound by adding hand percussion and ritual instruments. These ritual instruments and hand percussion; bone, gong, bell and djembe, add an additional human sound that punctuates the meditative drones. The djembe magnifies the deep sounds. The bell adds a clear tone identifiable above the gauzy din. These developments not only remove the sense of isolation but allow identification. This development in Worms Of The Earth’s sound is what defines Sitra Achra, a quest to the Quilpoth. A journey in sound accompanied by the nuanced illustration of Ant-Zen founder Salt.

SITRA ACHRA is the fourth full length and second dark ambient album, acting as the spiritual successor to 2013’s incredibly well received AZAL’UCEL, for ethno-industrial/ritual ambient project WORMS OF THE EARTH. Already drawing frequent comparisons to dark ambient masters Raison d’etre, Sephiroth, and In Slaughter Natives, on this record Worms explores even murkier and more illusory aural territory. Ancient, chthonic tribal and gritty industrial elements coalesce with layers of arcane drones, ethereal choirs, and transcendent eastern melodies to open the gateway to the darkest corners of the human psyche in an attempt to explore and understand the inverse realm of primordial chaotic energies, the Qliphoth. SITRA ACHRA features a greater focus on organic, ritual instruments played by hand – including djembe, gong, bells, bones, etc, along with a plethora of hardware synthesizers. Another focal point is the creation of deep tracks with numerous subtle complexities – headphone listening is strongly encouraged! SITRA ACHRA is by far the most hauntingly atmospheric, powerful, and spiritually potent material crafted by the project to date which continues the classic, visionary sound of the late Cold Meat Industry.

Limited edition of 262 hand-numbered copies.

Released April 21st, 2015.

Track Listing:
1. Malkuth – The World Dissolves and Reveals Sitra Achra
2. Gamaliel – Corrupted Sanctuary of Fire
3. Gnarled Roots Suspend the Ruined Temple
4. Path of Samekh
5. Thagirion – Mired In a River of Drowned Bodies
6. Path of Zamradiel
7. Satariel – Field of Apocryphal Monuments
8. Excising the Last Vestiges of Ahamkara

i8-06 Worms of the Earth “Azal’ucel” CD


Azal’ucel is the sigillic word formula of Azazel and Lucifer. As this is the initiator and God form of the Path of Sorcery, Lucifer is the illuminator of the soul, the one who allows the magician to unveil the Light of Self.This rite is designed to provide an inspired working of invoking Azal’ucel, from which one shall seek communion with their Higher Self. As one comes into contact with the entity, an illuminated sense of self emerges and a new type of path may begin to develop.The sounds of Azal”Ucel are venerated, deliberately designed to shroud you away from corporeal distractions. Sounds to seduce you into the initiation ritual. A thick blanket of warm synths swathe you into a bleary haze. Metallic percussion sounds are muted to weave their way into their ambient surroundings. Female voices deliver rites in foreign tongues obscuring their origin. The earthen sounds and trickling water brings the sacred back to the soil. These forboding sounds create a meditative atmosphere. A reverie of pounding rhythms, dense drones, and distant hallowed chants; that gently ebb and flow from the nebulous din.For fans of Raison D’etre, Desiderii Marginis and Triarii.

Mastered by Robert Rich
Artwork/Layout by S.Alt

Packaged in an arigato-style sleeve with a 1-color letterpress print.

Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies.

Released March 12th, 2013.

Track Listing:
1. Disgraced At The Foot Of The Throne Of God 08:38
2. Two Hundred Years Beneath The Frozen Lake 07:00
3. Wandering Cadaverous Fields Toward The Citadel At Topheth 08:32
4. Fork-Tongued Priests At Black Gehanna Again Speak My Name 07:01
5. Of Statues And The Sacred Gardens 08:10
6. Drawing The Twelve Sigils of Set-heh 07:04
7. Endless Hallways Of The Angelic Spires 08:27
8. A Pestilent Fog Descends Upon The Empyreal Throne 06:41
9. Tearing Down The Christian Pantheon 10:15

i8-05 Supersimmetria “The Golden Ratio” CD


Time and space are nothing else but structure repeated infinitely. A spiral inside which the chronological order and the universe, or multiverse, are just a dot in a line with infinite points. The concept of big-small, long-short, here-there, now-then looses its sense due to the lack of full perspective over reality. A sense of disorientation, physical and philosophical permeate the whole album. This record is nothing else but the perspective of single person in front of the immense; a spiritual feeling that has nothing to do with mysticism.Rhythm is used as a measurement of time. But what about rhythms that slowly become arhythmic? Or arhythmic sounds used in a steady rhythm? The effect is disorienting. But what if those sounds were not dominant, if they were in the background. Would you be aware that your perception had been altered? These are the questions posed by Supersimmetria on Golden Ratio. A recording where space and atmosphere are the most dominant. The varied rhythmic and arhythmic elements are never allowed to dominate the sound. All musical elements are subservient to the tranquil and spacious sound. Rhythmic elements build naturally and float through layers of the mix. Skittering beats become looped into rhythms. Fuzzed out pulses resonate and diminish. Crunchy beats that never become intrusive or loud. Vocal samples that remain ephemeral in the distance. A reocurring piano interlude that stumbles deliberately along the keys, reminiscent of Satie. All of these sounds serve and support the overall ambience of the recording.

Mastered by echoRausch Studios

Artwork/Layout by S.Alt

Packaged in a 6-panel digipak, limited to 300 hand-numbered copies.

Released March 12th, 2013 on Industry8 / Zone 30 Records.

Track Listing:
01. Still Thinking About The Law That Regulates The Universe
02. Chiasm
03. Buran
04. Asteria
05. Descending
06. Fractal
07. Atmosphere08. Ascending
09. Chimaeriformes
10. Structure
11. Voyager
12. Pale Blue Dot
13. Ascending (Worms of the Earth Mix)
14. Chiasm (Wounded Energy Mix by Aphexia)

i8-04 Cenotype “The Hour Before” CDEP


This collection of 5 new Cenotype tracks takes a glimpse into the heart of men at the hour before that intangible time of night when we are capable of most anything. This is the hour before the nameless hour.These tracks mark an evolution in Cenotype”s style. The more traditionally rigid structure slightly gives way to a more improvisational and spontaneous rhythmic style, allowing the music to take on more of a life of its own. Three collaborations with the late Adam Waters helped to shape this aspect of this release, while also promising to alter the face of Cenotype further into the future.The Hour Before proudly includes remixes from Cervello Ellettronico, Intoner and Vynil Rob.

Mastered by James Plotkin
Layout & Artwar by S.Alt

Limited to 282 (of which the first 37 are in the box version) hand-numbered copies contained in a beautiful octagon-shaped package.

Released June 11th, 2012.

Track Listing:
01. The Beauty of Night 6:16
02. 3 AM 7:30
03. Submerged Aggression 6:40
04. Let the Blade Speak 4:30
05. Nubian 5:23
06. 6×8 (Cervello Elettronico Remix) 4:49
07. She”s Dead… Requiem (Intoner Remix) 4:30
08. Unearthed in Brooklyn (Vynilrobmix) 5:12

i8-03 The Spiritual Bat “Cruel Machine” CD


This labor of The Spiritual Bat is a sequence of flash-backs and flash-forwards of the last few years, the story of how journeys came to be, the story of how songs were born, from the scream of an Artist caught into a mortal mechanism, a machine that would signify the death of Art, and therefore the end of Spirit. Cruel Machine, the album, is the synthesis of an emotional journey through micro and macro cosmos, in which each song itself is a ritual journey inwards and outwards. Cruel Machine, the song, is the scream of an Artist, a Realist, yet a Visionary craving to steal time from the Cruel Machine, craving to be Spirit through musical instruments, because in the Spiritual World would lie an evolution, the illusion of touching eternity while feeling as nothing but stardust.

Limited edition (300 copies) version packaged in a deluxe 6″ x 9″ folder and including an 8.5″ x 11″ poster.

Released January 24th, 2012.

Track Listing:
01 Cruel Machine
02 Thunderstorm
03 Sento
04 Once Upon A Time
05 Tormented Body
06 The other Side
07 Chance
08 Empty Halls
09 Crucifixion
10 Lament for the poisoned Mother
11 Deceiving
12 Sacrament
13 Acquoreo

i8-02 Various Artists “More Than Nine Lives” 2CD


More Than Nine Lives, the second release from Industry 8 is a specially priced two disc compilation. All profits are to benefit PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Wellness Society), the only no-kill shelter in Philadelphia. Curated by Dean Troxell and Joe Scott, the dark music experts from Philadelphia”s Digital Ferret Music Store, the compilation is a showcase of some of the most exciting artists in post punk, minimal wave, experimental, rhythmic noise and death rock. The 36 tracks spanning the two discs bring exclusive tracks from established genre leaders like darkwave icons Black Tape for A Blue Girl to artists who make their cd debut such as the experimental Blood Rhythm. Ambitious in it”s selection and scope but unified in theme and vitality, More Than Nine Lives is a glimpse at what is at the forefront of the dark music genres in 2011. Whether you enjoy this compilation for the music or the cause, remember it”s limited to 500 copies and has undeniably endearing cover artwork from Mike Wohlberg.

More info about PAWS can be found here:

Packaged in a 7.75″ X 5.5″ deluxe 4-panel eco-folder, limited to 500 copies.

Released November 22nd, 2011.

Artist/Track Listing CD1:
1. Mueran Humanos – EXITO DE UNA EX SANATA
2. Bestial Mouths – CAVERNS
3. Synapscape – RED-EYE PUFFBACK
6. The Frozen Autumn – RALLENTEARS
7. BootBlacks – SAVE ME MARIAH
8. Sullen Serenade – COYOPA9. Nadja – PROWL
10. The Spiritual Bat – HYPTONIC
11. Cult of Youth – UNTITLED
12. His Electro Blue Voice – RED EARTH
13. Dream Affair – IN VAIN
15. Entertainment – THE THEATENING PAWS
16. Lowness – TTMC
17. Creepoid – STRANGER
18. Seamripper SEVEN STITCHES
1. Access To Arasaka – FREESIDE
2. Author & Punisher – BELOW ABOVE
6. Primary Colors – FADING COLLAPSE
7. Crash Course in Science – COW CAT
10. Worms of the Earth – KAIVALYA (GENGHIS CAT MIX)
11. Erik Wollo – NEW HORIZON
12. Black Tape for a Blue Girl – CAUGHTSTRANGER
14. Totakeke – ONCHYECTOMY
15. Live Not on Evil – SCARY POLKA
16. Population – MOURNING DAWN
17. Love is Nothing – ALL CATS ARE GREY

i8-01 Asche “Stonebrain” CDEP


I’m not yours and never will be yours. (william s. burroughs)To celebrate asche’s correspondent u.s. tour, ant-zen and industry 8 present stonebrain – five new and unreleased tracks by the german industrial mastermind plus amendatory remixes by theologian, hydrone, nin kuji and iszoloscope.The listener can detect sound elements of prequel asche releases: distorted syncopation, well-placed insertion of cinematic samples and gloomy atmospheric complex tones. In addition, appended elements of the darker and more enigmatic side of asche should be emphasized. Soundscapes ranging from classic power noise industrial up to the imminence of aphex twin”s early works fused with the rhythmic assaults asche is known for. The additional four remixes go with the first tracks so perfectly a blindfold tester would never recognize them as such. a stunning release, assured to stimulate mind and body.word falling – photo falling – break through in grey room – towers open fire! (william s. burroughs)

Album Review:
“Continuing the standard of melodious clatter achieved on Easter Island Phenomenon, Asche puts forth another installment of better living through sound and distortion. An EP slate of tracks unleashes a barrage of tricked-out machine beats, apocalyptic sonic disruptions, desperate vocal samples, punctuated by an ominous climax of gear grinding ambiance. Eclectic reinterpretations by Theologian, Hydrone, Nin Kuji and Iszoloscope craftily facilitate this indomitable arrangement. Bruised, battered and partially bloodied, Stonebrain becomes synonymous with humanity”s desire to cognitively tune-in to higher forms of electronic communication. “-Zaanan Foreman

Arigato-style packaging including 2 buttons (Asche/Ant-Zen) and 2 stickers (Asche/Ant-Zen).

Hand-numbered edition of 500.

Artwar and layout by Salt.

Released May 17th, 2011.

Track Listing:
01. confusion (version)
02. last words (version)
03. home crisis
04. steam room (count suckers reprise) (version)
05. queer angel (version)
06. distorted doom (rmx by theologian)
07. last words (rmx by hydrone)
08. queer angel (rmx by nin kuji)
09. dogday sunrise (rmx by iszoloscope)