Cemetery Soap - Gothic Cloves (Black)
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Cemetery Soap - Gothic Cloves (Black)


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Cemetery Soaps by The Lair of Voltaire
Wash away the evil with Cemetery Soap by The Lair of Voltaire! These highly detailed tombstone-shaped soaps are the perfect detail for your Gothic bathroom. But they’re not just for decoration! They offer rich lather and clean aromas that will leave you feeling rejuvenated after a long day of digging graves. And if you dig graves, you’ll definitely dig these! With four varieties to chose from, there is one for every lover of the macabre. They make the perfect gift for that spooky soul, horror fan or Halloween-lover in your life!

Choose from:

Gothic Cloves - This ominous black tombstone offers a clean aroma with a subtle hint of cloves. With rich, purple lather, it's the Gothest of our Gothic soaps!

Funeral Flowers - You’ll swear you can smell the pine box and some elegant white florals when you pay your last respects to the day's dirt and luxuriate in the tub with this one.

Halloween Spice - For those who can’t get enough of the haunting season, we offer this pumpkin-colored bar with a subtle hint of autumn spices

Lair - Strictly for Darkside Royalty, Pirate Captains and Vampire Monarchs, this regal purple offering has a hint of the Lair fragrance, the scent created and worn by Aurelio Voltaire

Each bar is approximately 4"x3"x1".

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