\"Valarian\" Purple Candle with Lair Fragrance
  • Model: Valarian-Purple

"Valarian" Purple Candle with Lair Fragrance


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Named after the main character of Aurelio Voltaire’s upcoming musical epic The Black Labrinth, the Valarian candle is sure to bring a swaggering, exotic air to any room. The candle’s color is a regal purple perfect for Darkside Royalty. The scent it exudes is “Lair”, the official fragrance of The Lair of Voltaire. This magical perfume is a mixture of exotic aromas that bring to mind sandalwood and patchouli gathered from far flung islands, the wood of the pirate ship in which they were were transported, mingling with vanilla, coconut, cloves and of course, rum. It’s the perfect scent for roguish Valarian, the mysterious stranger who slinks into the Goblin kingdom with a swagger in his hips and a song on his lips.

If the scent seems familiar to you, then you may have gone to an Aurelio Voltaire concert and met Voltaire in person. He’s been making and wearing the Lair scent for years!

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